SystemAir® is one of the leading suppliers of high quality air cooler products in Malaysia. Our advanced evaporative air cooler is an effective and healthy way to keep your workplace comfortable and cool in hot summers. When it comes to air ventilation system supply, we are experts in Malaysia. We always deliver exceptional customer support and service. Customer satisfaction is always our foremost priority.

A SystemAir® Evaporative Air Cooler circulates 100% fresh air throughout the workplace. It constantly changes and refreshes the air. Unlike other refrigerated systems, our evaporative air cooler doesn’t only recycle stale air. When fresh air from outside is brought in to your establishment by the air cooler, the cooling pad acts as an effective filtration system by removing contaminants, including air pollution.

Our high quality products are used by numerous customers for cooling requirements of industrial factory buildings and sealed environmental rooms. We provide you with revolutionary new systems of cooling devices. We always aim to improve our products and services through extensive research. We specialize in mobile air cooler, evaporative air cooler and accessories.

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EVP-18-1 & EVP-18-3

EVP-23-1 & EVP-23-3