Superior Technology is one of the leading supplier of water system like Cooling Tower, Heat Exchange, pumps and compressed air (Air Compressor, Refrigeration, Dryers, Filtration and Condensate Drains). We are also one of the service provider for Rental air compressor. Superior Technology is also involved in the business of import of many quality products around the globe. Our company is sole representative of many companies in Pakistan and have hundreds of references in different sectors.

Superior History

Over the years, Superior Technology has continued to enhance its facilities to meet the growing demand of our clients. Superior Technology started its activities in Pakistan in 2003.


  • Started consultancy for piping designing of compressed air circuit.
  • Started marketing of Cooling Towers, Heat Exchangers and pumps.
  • Started supply of air compressors and compressed air treatment systems.


  • Started designing and installation of power plants.
  • Started designing and installation of CNG Stations-High Pressure work 250 Bar.
  • Started supply of CNG Equipment like CNG Compressor Aspro and despenser.


  • Started supply of Cooling Tower to IPP Power Plants.
  • Become one of leading suppliers of water system in Pakistan.
  • Starting to supply premier component of cooling tower like PVC, fills, gears & fans.


  • Started to supply gaskets of all brands to plate heat exchanger including Funke, AlffLoval, gea APV Sondex and Tranter.
  • Have installed biggest heat exchanger in shopping malls in Karachi.
  • ISO – 9001 -2008 Certified.


  • Started to supply concrete structure cooling towers to power plant, fertilizers.
  • Completed one of the biggest project of PPL in Sui Gas field.
  • Awarding with one of the biggest project of WAPDA HOUSE Lahore building, 5000 RT Job including supply of cooling tower pumps and Piping work.


  • Starting designing and installation of All Piping, Ducting and Plumbing works for power houses, different industrial sectors and HVAC.
  • Starting Evaporation Air Cooling System.